By Tobin Harris - January 28, 2022

Is meeting in the metaverse worth it?

Our second meeting in the metaverse taught us that it's a genuinely good tool for creative and collaborative work. It also has some downsides, read on...

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By Tobin Harris - June 30, 2021

Why founders should adopt Pirate Metrics (AARRR!)

Like most app developers, we speak to a fair few startup founders wanting to launch a new app or extend their MVP. Planning a product is hard, and Pirate Metrics can provide value by helping you think about the important things.

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By David Spillane - March 11, 2021

Why retailers should enhance their mobile experiences in 2022

Studies show that app customers are more loyal. They spend 37% more than non-app customers with the same retailer, buy 33% more frequently, and buy 34% more items.

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