By Lee Sommerville - March 27, 2021

Taxi Summit 2021 - an unprecedented year and what to expect next

Are driverless taxis coming? Will Uber buy Autocab? What impact has the pandemic had? Is automation the way key to survival?  There's a lot to talk about in the taxi industry in 2021. Here are some learnings from this year's Taxi Summit.

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By Rory Prior - July 6, 2020

Getting rich with push notifications

Push notifications are a powerful tool for driving app engagement and increasing retention. However, few apps take advantage of some of the newer, richer functionality that is now available. Read on to learn more.

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By Jordan Stockill - February 21, 2020

Five minutes with Adam

I’m Adam Stone, Pocketworks’ iOS Developer and Star Wars superfan. My role involves developing user-friendly apps to make our customers lives easier. I essentially take one problem at a time and use coding to solve it.

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