By Anna Scandella - June 16, 2022

Which eye tracking device should you buy?

Eye-tracking glasses and devices can give you a competitive edge when it comes to building apps and websites that engage and retain users. Finding the best one for your needs takes quite a lot of time, so we thought we'd summarise our learnings. 

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By Lee Sommerville - February 3, 2022

How we use Rocks to make business improvements sustainable and fun

We used to set ourselves exciting new goals only to forget them or run out of steam. The Rocks approach has helped us make positive business changes time and time again. Here's how we do it... 

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By Lee Sommerville - August 11, 2021

What's new in iOS 15? Let's find out!

Last week, I sat down with Rory, one of our iOS Gurus, and had a chat about iOS15 and his role at Pocketworks. Here's what I found out!

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