By Tobin Harris - May 6, 2022

Ten questions to stimulate ideas for your mobile app

When figuring out how an app can improve your customer experience, try considering these questions. They cover different technologies and techniques that have proven to be successful.

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By Tobin Harris - January 28, 2022

Is meeting in the metaverse worth it?

Our second meeting in the metaverse taught us that it's a genuinely good tool for creative and collaborative work. It also has some downsides, read on...

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By Tobin Harris - June 30, 2021

Why founders should adopt Pirate Metrics (AARRR!)

Like most app developers, we speak to a fair few startup founders wanting to launch a new app or extend their MVP. Planning a product is hard, and Pirate Metrics can provide value by helping you think about the important things.

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