We create mobile apps to modernise your products, processes and services


A mobile-first approach

We partner with businesses who believe mobile apps are essential to tackling today's business challenges.

As mobile specialists, we enable your business to take full advantage of what mobile has to offer.

Our strategies expose you to the full mobile toolset; from chat bots and hybrid web apps to augmented reality and IoT.

When it comes to design, we understand that your audience needs a solution that is easy to use and tailored to the nuances of their mobile context.

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Mobile app developers for Energenie

Creating a smart home app that talks to Nest

Energenie approached Pocketworks with the end-goal of creating a suite of mobile products that would give customers complete control of their homes.


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Mobile app developers for Veezu

Designing a mobile taxi booking experience

The Veezu team saw an opportunity to offer better service by allowing customers to order taxis using their mobile phones.

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Delivering robust, easy to use mobile patforms

Our clientsneed solutions that are easy to use, reliable and robust enough to survive the growth that comes with success. In their working relationships, they are open to being challenged and value transparency.

Fresenius, Veezu, ASDA, BNP Paribas

Why Pocketworks
360 Scope Web Platform

Using data visualisation to create more engaging 360 reviews

Quinn took the opportunity to create an iPad compatible web platform that employed beautiful data graphics to attract and engage theircustomers.

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Data dashboards for improved customer service

Veezu learned that operating a successful mobile app requires attention to what happens behind the scenes.

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Designing apps to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

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Prototyping digital platforms for mobile audiences

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Connecting apps to IoT smart hardware at home or work

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