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We help you design new products, automate your business and engage your mobile audience.

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

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How we develop mobile apps for enterprises and startups

Asking questions. User centred design. Collaborative workshops. Lean product management. iOS and Android. Web portals. Enterprise apps. Embracing tech. Prepared for growth.


Mobile app developers for Veezu

1. Put why at the forefront

In the heat of a project, teams can lose sight of why they set out to build a mobile app, chat bot or web platform. We believe that people need context to do their best work. So we always ask lots of questions around KPI's, your vision and your goals. By keeping why centre stage, we ensure everyone is able to offer the most valuable and relevant insight.

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Mobile app developers for Energenie

2. Simple designs that people understand

We believe that the best apps put people at the centre of the design process. That enables us to create beautiful, effortless user experiences that empower and engage.

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Hilton Doubletree Taxi Booking Kiosk

3. Be relevant, everywhere

Audiences interact with businesses everywhere - at their desk, couch or on the move. So, we help clients make technology choices to engage people at in the right place and time. We craft responsive web sites, native mobile apps, IoT, chat bots and augmented reality experiences. We pride ourselves on adopting the right tech to help our clients move with the times and stay relevant.

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Business model canvas workshop

4. Encourage big ideas and open doors

Innovation comes when experts on all sides can exchange ideas freely. That's why we have an open-door policy allowing our clients to visit at our offices whenever they want. We encourage teams to speak candidly, to present ideas without being shot down, and to welcome being challenged without taking offense.

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360 Scope Web Platform

5. Design thinking, even for enterprise apps

We believe that enterprise applications need the same treatment as consumer apps. This means we focus on user experience, software architecture, and quality standards when making products for the modern workforce. The goal is to always help businesses work faster, improve customer service and reduce waste.

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6. Start small. Learn. Repeat.

We believe in Lean principles which encourage doing the simplest thing that works and then learning from it. This means we can help our clients validate concepts and ideas before investing heavily. We're not afraid of releasing early and often. We like making prototypes to test hypothesis. We conduct interviews, user testing and do automated data capture. Then rinse and repeat.

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7. Embrace modern tech

Behind the scenes, we're big technology enthusiasts. We code with Erlang and Elixir for incredible scalability across IoT and the cloud. We're developing apps on iOS and Android for seamless mobile user experiences. And we're using Ruby on Rails and React.JS for elegant, fast experiences on the web.

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8. Be prepared for growth

Our business model is designed around our clients achieving ongoing results from our work. That's why we create solutions that are secure, reliable and robust enough to survive the growth that comes with success.

Fresenius, Veezu, ASDA, BNP Paribas

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