Business Case Help Service

Get the green light for your mobile plan.

£5,000 + VAT

This service is focused on helping you get sign-off from your investors or directors. Build your app business case with support from us in these five areas: Growth Strategy, Roadmap, Technology, User Experience and Development Costs.

Business Case Help

Why get help with your business case?

App development projects are often late, over budget and don't achieve what the business needs. When building a business case, you're in the perfect position to mitigate these risks and demonstrate your app is a viable investment.

Move forward with confidence

We'll work with you to create a viable plan for your investors or board.

  • Spot tech risks early and mitigate them
  • Easily make decisions around mobile, cloud and data
  • Avoid missing important app features
  • Sense-check your marketing and growth plans

Reduce the risks of cost overrun

We manage over £2.5m of development budgets a year and have decades of experience in estimation and risk mitigation.

  • Know where the complexity and cost is so you can revise your plan
  • Include Opex and Capex costs in your business case
  • Revise your ROI case as you go

On tap advice, whenever you need it

We understand it can you take months to build a business case, so having a partner on-tap can accellerate the process.

  • Get advice on any aspect of your mobile plans
  • Have experienced input on user experience, growth and technology
  • Have direct access to experts on Slack, email or phone
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Why get help with your business case?


Audit with recommendations

A comprehensive look at your current plan. We provide feedback relating to the big decisions including target market, growth, missing roadmap features, user experience, and value proposition.

Cost and time estimates

A living, regularly updated estimation sheet that evolves with your product plans. We'll the size, costs and timeline informed by real data from real app development projects.

Support, on tap

We'll set you up on Slack and you can message us with questions whenever you want. We'll be here to answer your app related questions as you build your business case and define your roadmap. This can be as simple as "should we build a cross-platform app?" or as complex as "How can we reach our market?".

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