Mobile specialists since 2012.

We are app developers and digital problem solvers committed to helping organisations offer world-class mobile customer experiences.

How we're different

No fire-and-forget: Making a world-class app takes persistance and patience. This is why we don't do build-and-run engagements.

User centric: High ranking apps are codesigned with actual customers. That's why we're also user researchers and data wranglers.

App investors: If you have existing funding and want a partner, we're open to matching your investment in return for equity and revenue.

"Ultimately, my goal is to create things that are useful, which make us proud and benefit thousands or millions of people every day. That's the real significance of our company."

Tobin, Founder and Managing Director


Our Story

Our company was founded by Tobin Harris in 2012 when he noticed that most business apps were failing to reach their true potential. As a mobile expert and advocate, Tobin wanted to give companies a better chance at success.

Since starting the company nine years ago, our first three apps are still in use today, one transacting over £90m a year, and all are still under active development at Pocketworks.

This is what success looks like to us - helping our clients make good choices, invest wisely and ultimately make their customers and staff more productive in some way or another.

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