Take a holistic approach to delighting customers and retaining them. We help you go beyond building an app by blending research, development and marketing automation.

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"Some days, more than 80% of our bookings are through the app. Veezu is successful because it delivers great customer experience, and the Pocketworks team really help with that."
Andy Pennock
Group Operations Director
"Our users have a challenging lifestyle, often on the move. We wanted to develop a valuable and convenient tool for them to benefit from every day, and it was vital we partnered with a company that got this vision."
Mike Adamson
Head of Systems and Analysis

Customer Problem Solving

Finding a winning app concept isn't always easy. Get some expertise and insight to help you find clarity and confidence

Deliver Omnichannel Apps

Design and launch apps, websites and digital products. Always working interatively and putting your customers center-stage.

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Zero to six million mobile taxi bookings a year?

£80m in revenue. 81% automation. 170,000 monthly users.

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Prototypes to help hotel customers travel light.

Virtual Reality. Mobile Wallet. Uber Integration.

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Automate, Measure & Grow

Turn your app into a genuine business asset with KPIs that can be measured. Trust us to monitor, maintain and update your app so that it is always available to customers and employees.

What we stand for

You'll quickly realise that we're not here to just build "another app". What gets us out of bed is making an impact, creating software that people appreciate, and helping your organisation get meaningful outcomes.

"It's easy to say it, but our true goal is to create long-term win-win partnerships with our clients. We want everyone around the table to be motivated to get the best results possible."

Lee, Head of Customer Partnerships