Concept Design Service

A creative app design service that tackles risks head-on

£20,000 + VAT

This service focuses on saving you time and money before you enter full-blown app development. We do this in four stages: User Research, Visual App Concepts, User Feedback and Growth Mechanics.

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Concept Design

Why trust Pocketworks to design my app?

We apply industry-leading design techniques

Our app design process uses the latest Design Thinking approach. It's human-centric and includes robust validation from the people that matter. We get under the skin of your business strategy and make sure your app concept will drive the results you want.

We design for growth

Visual design is only part of the story. We include software experts in the design process to ensure it's viable. Because every digital service or app ultimately needs to drive business growth, we also look at the growth mechanics that help engage and retain customers.

We make use of your own expertise, too

Your organisation is full of industry experts that have decades of experience, along with brilliant ideas. We collaborate with you and your partners to extract this knowledge. This gives your mobile concepts have the best chance of success.

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Why trust Pocketworks to design my app?


Three concepts

We'll develop and test three app concepts in the form of visual prototypes you can interact with. These are built around your business strategy, existing ideas and new customer insight.

Voice of customer

We'll provide insights based on qualitative and quantitative data that tells you what your customers say, think and do. This goes beyond informing your app design, as it highlights problems and opportunities across your entire organisation.

A plan of action

We'll work with your to build a business case and roadmap for the winning concept, so that you can get approval from your investors or your directors. The business case will also detail how the app will drive business growth, along with recommendations for the specific tactics needed to do that.

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