Mobile App Development

Reach your audience on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. We're a specialist UK app developer that helps ambitious leaders modernise their mobile customer experience.

App installs per year

Mobile transactions per year

App revenue or savings

Launch apps that improve your customer experience

Build best-in-class experience using native iOS and Android apps, or accellerate your time-to-market with Flutter or PWAs.

iOS Apps

Create robust, high-quality apps that run on iPads or iPhones to reach 50.4% of your UK smartphone audience.

Android Apps

Reach 49.6% of the UK smartphone users by developing apps for Samsung, Sony and Google devices.

Flutter Apps

Reduce time-to-market and cost by creating apps that run on Android and iOS using Google's slick new framework.

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Progressive Web Apps

Give users a fast and efficient mobile web experience without the barrier of downloading an app.

Push Notifications

Achieve 60% open rates and keep customers up-to-date with progress, alerts and offers.

In App Messaging

Make customers aware of important service changes, promotions or facts. Right within your app.

Location and Mapping

Show the most relevant data based on where customers are. Useful for product search, place lookups and marketing.


Influence customer behaviour when they are near your premises or improve your in-store experience.


Add extra security of your app without compromising convenience. Perfect for employee or customer facing apps.

Security Testing

Have your app PEN tested by our security partners to ensure your sensitive data is protected from cyber threats.

IoT Connectivity

Give customers control and visibility of your smart devices and instruments using Bluetooth or WiFi Connect.

Integrated with APIs

Connect your apps to CRM, CMS, ERP or your bespoke back-office systems. Store data offline for mobile working.

"Some days, more than 80% of our bookings are through the app. Veezu is successful because it delivers great customer experience, and the Pocketworks team really help with that."
Andy Pennock
Group Operations Director
"Our users have a challenging lifestyle, often on the move. We wanted to develop a valuable and convenient tool for them to benefit from every day, and it was vital we partnered with a company that got this vision."
Mike Adamson
Head of Systems and Analysis
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Zero to six million mobile taxi bookings a year?

£80m in revenue. 81% automation. 170,000 monthly users.

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Prototypes to help hotel customers travel light.

Virtual Reality. Mobile Wallet. Uber Integration.

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What we stand for

You'll quickly realise that we're not here to just build "another app". What gets us out of bed is making an impact, creating software that people appreciate, and helping your organisation get meaningful outcomes.

"It's easy to say it, but our true goal is to create long-term win-win partnerships with our clients. We want everyone around the table to be motivated to get the best results possible."

Lee, Head of Customer Partnerships