Plan, launch and grow your tech for good.

We're a team of app developers and digital all-rounders. We work with tech-for-good startup founders to help them build the right thing, learn fast and get traction.

People first, then tech.

Building your MVP is not just about cranking out code. Great products come from determination, dependability and healthy communications. That's why we start by establishing cultural fit. If we have that right, you'll notice everything moves faster and you'll always know where you stand.

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"Some days, more than 80% of our bookings are through the app. Veezu is successful because it delivers great customer experience, and the Pocketworks team really help with that."
Andy Pennock
Group Operations Director
"Our users have a challenging lifestyle, often on the move. We wanted to develop a valuable and convenient tool for them to benefit from every day, and it was vital we partnered with a company that got this vision."
Mike Adamson
Head of Systems and Analysis

Hire your digital product team as-a-service

You can ask us to help out before or after your MVP is built.
You pay on a rolling basis with a minimum period of just 3 months.
Your founders will have plenty of time to get to know us before you commit.


From £10k per month

Figure out what the right thing to build.

  • Research user needs
  • Create concepts
  • Validate them
  • Plan your MVP

Take a user-centric approach to design that includes iterative research, prototyping and testing.


From £24k per month

Get the first version of your product out there.

  • Develop your MVP
  • Capture AARRR metrics
  • Test and release often
  • Apps, web portals and data

Create portals, web sites, Flutter apps, iOS and Android apps or database systems. All tested by us.


From £8k per month

Improve your product whilst keeping it up and running.

  • Maximise retention
  • Develop new features
  • Get user feedback
  • Monitoring and support

Benefit from a continuous approach to learning from data, adding or removing features and keeping your apps healthy.

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Simplifying the use of smarthome devices

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Prototyping new customer experiences in hotel booking.

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"Our growth model isn't about working with tons of startups. We just need to work with a select few and help them succeed."

Tobin, Managing Director