Growth Diagnostic Service

Fix your app growth, from business model to growth mechanics.

£9,000 + VAT

This service helps you diagnose your app growth challenges across three areas: How You Get Users, What Happens Inside Your App and Essential Growth Mechanics.

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Growth Diagnostic

Why trust Pocketworks to help with your app growth?

Growth spans every aspect of your app; user acquisition strategy, value proposition, user experience, organic growth mechanisms and overall quality.

Growth isn't just about getting downloads

Because our team includes experts in app marketing, technology and user experience, we're able to help you diagnose and fix problems holistically.

Benchmarks help performance

We maintain and curate our own benchmark data so can quickly give you feedback on how your app should be performing.

You need a plan of action

You'll have a set of big wins and quick wins to run at to fix your growth problems.

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Why trust Pocketworks to help with your app growth?