Digital Possibilities Service

What quick wins and big wins will put your ahead?

£15,000 + VAT

This service helps you find innovative and affordable opportunities to differentiate your organisation with apps and digital services. We do this through four modules: Business Goals, User Journey, Business Processes and Digital Storytelling.

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Digital Possibilities

Why should I get help exploring Digital Possibilities?

There are many reasons why an organisation should take a good look at how mobile apps and digital products can help it get ahead.

  • You want to more positive impact by enabling behaviour change
  • Competitors are gaining market share through digitisation
  • You have high customer turnover that reduces customer lifetime value
  • You're an innovator looking to build your next generation of products
  • Your industry is undergoing digital transformation
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Improvement opportunities

A service blueprint on your customer journey and how it interacts with your business operations. Recommendations for improving your customer experience and operations, with suggestions for redesigned workflows and tools.

Growth plan

A clear plan that brings together the best of your tech and customer service to help your business grow.

Digital stories

Concept designs for your digital expereinces, shown in a way that is easy to understand so everyone can see how the future might look.

Business case

A business case to implement the most viable possibilities, including roadmap and example costs based on our industry cost data.

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