Badly Drawn Mobile

A short illustrated guide that helps you make the important app decisions. Use these insights to challenge your thinking and launch a winner ๐Ÿš€
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What you'll find inside

  • 14 illustrated topics to help your app
  • Insights gained from working on apps with millions of users
  • Tips on how to reduce costs and increase your app revenues
  • Topics ranging from planning, design, quality and marketing
  • Updated 2024 version with four new diagrams

Apps are exciting to develop, but they're also bloody hard!

PocketWorks' Badly Drawn Mobile series is the best example I've seen of clearly and eloquently explaining the how, why and what of the mobile dev process.

Tom Riglar, Managing Director,

Working with brands such as ASDA, Travelodge and Carbs & Cals, we've seen a lot of what works and what doesn't.

This short guide contains seven easy illustrations that help you launch a more effective app.


  1. Your MVP is too big
  2. Bling doesn't pay the bills
  3. The subscription app death slide
  4. Voice of customer
  5. Pareto's law for apps
  6. Essential push campaigns
  7. Money at the low end
  8. Hidden app costs
  9. Good disco, bad disco
  10. The cost of running ads
  11. Why orgs build apps
  12. Waterfall feels so right, even when it isn't
  13. Useful data for app growth
  14. Solve together

Even a badly drawn picture can say a thousand words.

We've made this for you becasue we want to help you avoid the big mistakes.

We've pulled together our collective knowledge spanning dozens of apps reaching millions of users.

Use this when you first start planning you mobile app, or as you approach a new release.

It's designed to be good food-for-thought, to stimulate talking points with you and the other folks involved in your app.

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