A successful first reveal of Mina

By Tobin Harris, October 8, 2018

Managing Director at Pocketworks, app development specialists.

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With recent expansion into Denmark, North America and South Africa, Scanprobe is one of fastest growing drain surveying equipment manufacturers in the UK.

Since they incorporated in 1985, the company has made a constant push to be a technology leader. What has made them so successful is their ability to spot trends and adapt quickly. Now, they are working to empower their customers with mobile tools to set them up for success.

Over the last 7 months, we’ve been working closely with them to bring their vision to life. A big part of why Scanprobe partnered with us is because of our experience combining mobile apps with connected smart devices. 

Introducing Mina 

One of the key components of their latest digital transformation is Mina, an app that compliments and augments their existing drain surveying hardware.

Mina has two key components. The first is to give surveyors the ability to view live video feeds from their drain surveying devices, and control hardware features such as lights through a direct WiFi connection. The second is to give surveyors the ability to map out the site and annotate it, making it easier to capture more detail about the survey for later reference.

Show and tell

Scanprobe launched Mina at the No-Dig! exhibition in September, and have had a hugely positive response from the industry. You can learn more about Mina here.