What does it cost to develop an app?

Typically, our clients invest between £150K and £500K a year in developing or growing their mobile apps. Read on to learn what they are buying and the results they achieve.

A UK App Developer having a positive impact on business results

What will you budget for?

Your business will have its own unique strengths, which is why we start by figuring out exactly where we can add value. This usually includes some or all of:

  • Getting the strategy right
  • Researching user needs
  • Designing apps and digital services
  • Developing apps for mobile, web and desktop
  • Quality assurance & managing releases
  • Collecting and analysing data
  • Managing the agile backlog & roadmap
  • Commercial insight & supporting leadership

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Some examples

Here's some examples of how different businesses invest in apps. Note that these are realistic but have been adapted to protect the identity of our clients.

Example 1

An established £30m turnover businesses invests £500K a year to grow two digital products that increase employee retention and customer lifetime value. They rely on us to scale the tech with their growth and improve mobile CX.

Example 2

An early stage VC-backed London startup invests £200K a year to develop their app and find product market fit. They rely on us to manage quality, release often and learn from data.

Example 3

A global manufacturer invests £300K a year with us to build its next generationg of smart devices. They rely on us to deliver user research and use it to create quality desktop and mobile interfaces.

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A UK App Developer having a positive impact on business results


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