Helping Toucan take flight and redefine charitable giving


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The Toucan team are the most genuine, friendly and ambitious bunch anyone could hope to work with. We're thrilled to be helping them achieve a vision of easier, more accessible charitable giving.

As you may have seen on Dragons' Den, Toucan is a London fintech startup launched with £800,000 of seed funding. Their app comes at a time when charitable donations have plummeted in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Toucan's leadership have put human-centered-design and digital right at the heart of their strategy. They are tech-forward - building a customer experience upon mobile apps, APIs, cloud, social sharing and a sophisticated mobile marketing stack.

Matt, Toucan CEO, approached Pocketworks in 2020 because Flutter app development had stalled and he needed a partner he felt confident in. It was important to select the right partner because they had limited time to gain traction.

Despite the immense pressure, we all took time to make sure it was right partnership before starting. Cultural fit, technology skills and timelines all needed to make sense to Toucan.

Since November 2021, Toucan and Pocketworks have been working together to improve their UX, learn from data and bring stability to the cloud and mobile products.

We've worked in 1-week sprints to gain trust and provide constant progress. We're learning to work together and constantly reevaluate our ways of working. Most importantly, we've acheived a higher quality product with the right people and relationships in place to take it to the next level.

Toucan appeared on Dragons' Den on 17th Feb, 2022. Check it out, and you'll see why Toucan are a company we're proud to work with.

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