Everything you need for mobile success.

Not every business has digital roots. A little advice and guidance can go a long way toward helping you gain confidence. Our clients hire us to help them build strategies, roadmaps and mobile-first digital products .

The services & packages we offer

Light Discovery

1-2 weeks, from £2,500

Spend half a day with our team and take your app ideas forward in leaps and bounds. Explore your strategy, validate ideas, create roadmaps, service blueprints and understand costs. It's preceded by some preparation calls and preliminary research tasks.

Research Sprints

2-4 weeks, from £8,000

Answer the important questions about competitors, customer pain points and technical feasibility. Find the gaps and test your key assumptions. The goal is to gain insight and tackle the major risks in your business plan. Includes Light Discovery.

App Prototypes

3-6 weeks, from £10,000

Prototype your ideas and test them on real people. We iterate until we're confident we have a product that will work. By the end of this, you're ready to design and develop a working app. Includes Light Discovery and Research sprint.

Strategic Consultation

2-8 hours, from £800

For CxOs looking for a fresh outside perspective. Have a technical roadmap that needs checking over? Or need some advice on a board presentation? We advise on topics such as: getting stakeholder buy-in, specifications, technical strategies and emerging trends.

App Review

1 week, from £2,000

If you suspect your existing app or PWA could be improved, we can look at it with fresh eyes and suggest improvements. This can include: looking at your analytics to discover potential issues, a code review or an evaluation of the user experience.

App Development

3-12 months, from £50,000

This builds upon our research and prototyping process. We'll design and develop your app across web, iPhone and Android. We'll conduct user testing along the way to make sure it's well received. Then launch it to your customers or staff.

"It's easy to say it, but our true goal is to create long-term win-win partnerships with our clients. We want everyone around the table to be motivated to get the best results possible."

Lee, Head of Customer Partnerships

Not your usual approach

User Research

This basically means "learning about people". Why should you do this? To better understand them. Then we can build apps and digital tools that truly improve their lives. And more importantly, that they'll want to use.

It's not unusual for us to interview 10-30 people to get an understanding of their pain points and what is important to them.

Service Design

Your apps, websites and other digital products sit alongside the rest of your business. So it's important everything is joined up. We don't just design apps, we look at the end-to-end experience and make sure it works.

You might find us following a purchase or booking right through your entire business, just to see how it all hangs together.

App Design

Apps rarely fail because they are not pretty enough. So we advocate prioritising function over form. That's not to say your app or website won't look and feel awesome. It will. We just focus on the critical stuff first and add the "moments of delight" later.

Expect to see evolving sketches and design ideas throughout the development of product.

Hybrid Teams

We don't do the usual design, build, test and ship. We put business people, technical people and design people together from day one. This means all skills contribute to decisions and the shape of the solution.

You're ideas will be benefitting from all that expertise from the get go, which prevents ivory-tower design failures and ensures decisions are informed.

Software Engineering

Unless you're a startup, it's unlikely you'll want to throw your project in the bin after 2 years. If your engineers don't write good code, you'll find progres slows down and costs creep up.

You probably aren't technical, but take some comfort in the fact that all our technical work is peer reviewed and written to our own internal guidelines.


Quality means a lot of things, but we tend to refer to it as "not annoying people". If you don't keep quality in check, you risk upsetting people, which can have detrimental affects on customer retention, reputation and growth.

Nothing leaves Pocketworks without being quality checked. Some of our apps are used by millions and undergo 30 hours of testing before release.