Introducing Thingy, the app that helps businesses manage their spaces

By David Spillane, July 2, 2020

Digital Strategy and Sales at Pocketworks, app development specialists.

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Thingy is a concept we created to help businesses manage their offices better.

Given everything that's going on with Coronavirus, now is a time when it's really important to keep things clean and know who's coming and going. Thingy helps with that, and a lot more.

To get a feel for it, take a look at the video below (1m 11s).  

Thingy is not a heavy tool. It's meant to be light and quick. Here's some things you can use it for.

Know when people come and go

Team members can scan a QR code in reception as they come and go, and that could announce on the office Slack channel for others to see.

Reassure people that surfaces are cleaned

Your cleaner or staff could scan a QR code in the kitchen to log when they wipe the surfaces. Anyone could scan that code to find out when it was done.

Stop the plants dieing!

For small team who don't have building maintenance staff, they can record when plants are watered and get notificiations if watering is overdue. This enables a small company to keep on top of it's housekeeping.

Keep people safe with PAT test alerts

Put a QR code on your electricity meter and then scan it whenever you have your PAT tests done. Thingy will also remind you to get them done at a frequency you set. 

Know which things belong to which people

Not everything has an action, you might just want to associate a description and some data against a thing. For example, a QR code on your computers could let you know when it was purchased, what operating system it has, who it belongs to etc. 

What would you use Thingy for?

If you had Thingy for your office, what things would you want to track? Let us know on Twitter or by contacting us below.

By David Spillane, Digital Strategy and Sales

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