3 ways Apple is helping businesses in 2016

By pocketworks, June 10, 2016

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Planning Your App 

Some great new things are coming from Apple this summer. 1. Reduced app review times. 2. Subscription pricing for apps in any category. 3. Paid app listing promotions on the app store.

Faster app review process

Not so long ago, businesses had to wait 7-14 days for Apple to review their iPhone app before approving it for public download. Over the last 6 months, review times have now been reduced from an average of 7 days to 1 day. This is _great_ news for businesses; it means their app developers can get bug fixes out to customers faster than ever before, or they can squeeze in valuable feature development before deadlines.

Picture showing a printout of git2pdf

These changes are already in place and we are beginning to see much shorter app review times.

Sell subscriptions to your app

Apple is now allowing any app to charge subscriptions. Previously only certain app categories could charge an a rolling subscription basis.

Businesses can charge annual or monthly. They can also set their own price tiers such as Silver, Bronze and Gold.

Note that Apple charge 30% of your app-store revenue in year one, and 15% in year two.

Promote your app in App Store search results

Businesses can now pay to have their App Store app listing appear within search results.

Apple say that 65% of app downloads start with an App Store search, so it is expected this could significantly increase app downloads.

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