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Note: On May 20th 2021 Google announced Flutter 2.2. Read about it here.

Google Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development framework. It enables developers to creates apps for Android, iOS, web and desktop - all with a single code base. Support for embedded devices is coming soon, and Google has been working with BMW and Toyota on this.

Flutter is similar to React Native in that it helps developers build apps quickly using hot-reload and component-based design. However, Flutter takes a slightly different approach in that it includes its own 2D graphics engine to draw the user interface. This means it can perform very well on older devices.

Since we are using Flutter ourselves, we believe it's fit for adoption. The platform is out of Beta, the documentation has matured and the ecosystem has grown. It won't be right for all teams, but if you are already considering React Native, Xamarin or another cross platform framework, we'd recommend taking a closer look at Flutter.

See our blog post What is Flutter for more information.

Note: As of summer 2020, we have added Flutter to our toolchest. This means Pocketworks is now officially a UK flutter development company.

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Adopt  We wouldn't hesitate to adopt this and would use it ourselves when appropriate.