In App Messages


An in-app-message is usually a popup that is shown to your app customer. They are used to educate users or promote some offer, service or event. For example, you can use them to announce a new feature or advertise a special offer.

Example In-App Notification

Marketeers can run in-app campaigns to help with retention and engagement. There are tools to support in-app notifications and messages which allow marketing to compose dynamic popups and schedule them to be shown to customers. Check out CleverTap, Localytics, AppCues and Braze.

We think this is a great tool for marketers to have at their disposal. We've seen it used well for new product announcements in smarthome apps. And it would be useful for fast-response situations, such as when services have been interrupted or changed by unexpected events like the Coronavirus outbreak.

Our opinion

Adopt  We wouldn't hesitate to adopt this and would use it ourselves when appropriate.