Social cards


When people share a link on social media, you may have noticed that Twitter or LinkedIn show some links with a nice image below them. This happens because the webpage contains a social media card. They look a bit like this:

Social cards are proven to increase engagement by up to 150%. This is because:

  • The link looks more visually attractive
  • It takes up more space so is more noticeable
  • It gets more engagement, which in turn means more people see it

All this means that social media cards will help drive more traffic to your brand.

Let's see how two popular UK banking brands look when they are shared on Twitter. If you saw these two links appear in your Twitter or LinkedIn feed, which do you think people would be more likely to click?

See how your own company looks, just paste a link to your website into the Twitter Card Validator.

Companies want customers to talk about their products and services, which in turn brings more customers. Customer referrals might be a core part of their acquisition stratety. If people are sharing links to their products and services online, social cards give them the ability to ensure those links are engaging and will drive clicks.

We'd recommend that everyone ensures they have good social cards setup for their web pages and digital products. They help drive engagement on Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook and many other networks. They can play an important role in driving customer acquisition through referrals.

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