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Deep Linking


Deep linking allows you to share hyperlinks on your social media and have them take customers into your native app.

Usually, hyperlinks only take people to web pages, but deep link technology such as Branch take users to specific content within your app.

Let's see some examples:

Say you're a retailer who wants to promote a specific product. You can post a link to that offer on your social media channels. When a user clicks it, the deep link opens up your app and shows them the exact product.

Another example is where your customers want to share something. You could have a share button within the app that allows customers to share a link to the product they are looking at. When their network clicks the link, it opens the app and shows them the item you shared.

Deep links enable organic growth because they allow sharing of in-app content on social media.

In a nutshell, deep linking is recommended if you want to encourage users to refer others to content in your app. Or, if you want customers to be directed to your app after seeing your social media or email marketing campaigns.

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