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Mobile Transformation


Note: This item is work in progress.

Mobile Transformation is when a business makes a dedicated and sustained effort to achieve their potential by better serving their mobile customers and employees. It is sometimes called mobile-first digital transformation.

A digital transformation is is a broad thing that spans culture, people and technology. There may be a lot of technologies that come in to play with a digital transformation. However, for many businesses mobile apps and technologies need to be at the heart of the digital transformation. This is because:

  • You can make your business more accessible and convenient to customers, after all 84% of adults in the UK own a smartphone. And 60% of those have made purchases on them.
  • Mobile is proven place to increase customer engagement and offer support. Just look at your banking app for an example.
  • Mobile is a catalyst technology, if you can make your services work there you'll have no problems taking them out to desktop, kiosks and tablets.
  • Mobile also sets the standard for everywhere else. People have come to expect an excellent experience. The bar has been raised. So start there.

To be mobile-first, you need to start with creating customer experiences that get business results on mobile devices.

Internal and external digital transformation

You can look at it from two angles - external transformation which means you are working to give more value to customers and stakeholders outside the business. And then internal transformation, which means you're working on automation, efficiency and the employee experience.

Where mobile is involved in improving work, this is sometimes called enterprise mobility. The main difference with mobile transformation is that

See Think With Google's Mobile Transformation Handbook.

This article on Forbes is also an interesting read.

Our opinion

Assess  Explore and experiment in order to see if it would work for your business.