Measure with Pirate Metrics


Pirate Metrics are a great starting point for people who need to know how to measure their apps' performance. As a marketer or product manager, you can ask your development team to provide metrics on these critical aspects:

  • Acquisition - how many people come to your app, where do they come from?
  • Activation - how many people "get" your product to the point they want to start using it?
  • Retention - how long to people keep using your app? Where do they abandon it?
  • Referral - do people encourage their friends and family to use the app?
  • Revenue - does the app generate money? Which customer segments are the biggest spenders?

Note: They are called pirate metrics because these criteria spell "AARRR"!

We recommend using pirate metrics whilst designing your app. It will help you focus on the important things and ask the right questions. Then, once your app is built, you can see how it is performing.

Pirate Metrics assume you're growth is going to be based on the value you give to customers. There is a great on Growth Hackers.

Our opinion

Adopt  We wouldn't hesitate to adopt this and would use it ourselves when appropriate.