Five minutes with Adam

By Jordan Stockill, February 21, 2020

User Interface Designer at Pocketworks, app development specialists.

Happening At Pocketworks 

As part of our Culture of Success Programme we’re going behind the scenes at Pocketworks HQ in our new Five Minutes with... features; celebrating our staff, what they do and what makes them unique. 

Five minutes with… Adam

I’m Adam Stone, Pocketworks’ iOS Developer and Star Wars superfan. My role involves developing user-friendly apps to make our customers lives easier. I essentially take one problem at a time and use coding to solve it.

I would have to say that my favourite app is the Trainline app. Mainly because I use it almost every week without even thinking, or even remembering that I’ve used it! It’s just become part of my everyday life and routine. This to me is what makes an app so invaluable and what I’m always striving to create in my work at Pocketworks.

Outside of work, I can usually be found with my head in a book or a comic. In fact, I’ve missed my stop on the bus several times from being far engrossed into what I’m reading. I’m also a massive video games fan. I’ve got a huge collection spanning over 20+ consoles and at last count, I had around 800+ games.

I knew that Pocketworks was going to be a great fit for me when I first joined and was asked to pick a Star Wars avatar. It just so happens that the Star Wars films are my favourite films of all time. I picked the Imperial Crest – also known as the logo of the Galactic Empire. Whilst to many the Empire is undoubtedly a force of evil, I like to see it as severely misunderstood. In all seriousness though, they clearly were the bad guys but sometimes viewing something from a different perspective can give you a different insight and change your approach to situations.

My greatest achievement is that a few years ago I transformed my lifestyle and shed seven and a half stone. I decided I wanted to make a positive change and adopt a healthier lifestyle. I set my sights on a challenge that I never in a million years would have been able to achieve before – a 100 mile cyclosportive. I had to train hard, commit to a diet and make difficult changes in my life to achieve it. But crossing that finish line made every minute of the hard work worth it!

I’m honestly not sure where I can see myself in the next five years. I have had so much change with my new lifestyle, moving to Leeds and joining Pocketworks, I would say that going with the flow has worked out perfectly so far - so I’m just going to see where else it will take me.

If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to stop time. Just to take a breather and slow down a little bit. It always feels like I have a backlog of games to play, books to read, films to watch, friends to see, places to visit - not to mention the neverending pile of washing and ironing that needs doing! I would love to add more hours to the day.

If I was a biscuit it would have to be a biscoff - you know the ones that you get free with a coffee? Honestly, no one is ever upset or disappointed to receive one of those and everyone just seems to love them. That’s the sort of social reaction to my presence I’m down for.