BGB SILS Selects Pocketworks

By Tobin Harris, October 11, 2017

Managing Director at Pocketworks, app development specialists.

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BGB SILS manufacture a powerful contactless underwater lighting system for yachts. It is unique in that it does not penetrate any surfaces such as the hull, making it the only easy to install underwater yacht lighting system.

BGB SILS have partnered with Pocketworks to help them create a richer and more informative experience for yacht owners wanting to operate their boat lighting. We’re using IoT and cloud technologies, integrated with cross-platform mobile and watch apps to create a smart experience for yacht owners across the globe.

BGB Sils

BGB Sils manufacture intelligent lighting that is attached the hull, without needing any modification.

We’d also like to say thanks to Partner Electronics – an innovative electronics prototyping and design company based in Silverstone.