Rapidly prove your mobile app ideas

We help you turn your app ideas into something that can be tested in the wild and invested in. Packages start at just £3,700.

Guiding you to a solid concept

We understand that getting an app idea out of your head is both exciting and nerve-racking.

That's why we have a friendly, simple process to take you through the steps and show you what your idea could be. We've helped dozens of startups explore their ideas and create robust plans going forward. 

Bringing professional experience to your idea

Creating apps has been our day job since 2009. We've done it for some of the worlds leading brands. We'll help you answer some of the questions you might have.

  • How will it make money?
  • How much investment will I need to build it?
  • What technologies should I use?
  • How do I market my app?


Reduce your risks

You might not want to hear this, but only one in ten thousand apps succeed (0.01%)

Yup, making apps is risky business. But fear not, the good news is that we can help you reduce the risks by carefully applying best practices using our RapidBlueprint packages.

Test your ideas

One recommended best-practice is shadow testing.

We created a Shadow Test for InjectSoS, who wanted to learn if cosmetic surgeons would pay for a live support app they wanted to launch. As part of our RapidBlueprint service, we designed their app and researched audience opinions using a Shadow Test landing page. This allowed them to research their market at a fraction of the cost of building an app.

This is one of the dozens of techniques we can use to help you reduce risks for your product.

Choose your RapidBlueprint package

We have three available packages to helping you get your ideas off the ground. Each is designed to give maximum value depending on what stage you're at.

Starter Package

If you have an idea and need to sound it out, this package is a solid starting point. It allows you to get the idea out of your head, get buy-in, and consider how to take it to market.

In 1 week, you will get:

  • Video Call. A 1-hour telephone call or video-conference to listen to your ideas and ask questions.
  • Defining who your users are (up to one user persona)
  • Your ideas visualised. Wireframes for up to 10 screens to show how your idea could work.
  • A roadmap and costs. A best practice product development roadmap with cost estimates.
  • Wrap up: A 1-hour phone call giving you recommendations, risks and advice. Includes a written report to back it up.


Risk Reduction Package

If you want to get more serious and build more confidence in your ideas, this package helps you tackle some of the biggest risks when launching an app.

In 4 weeks, you will get:

  • Everything in the Starter Package
  • Video or Face to Face workshop: Up to 3 hours to go through your ideas, audience and business model.
  • Market Research. Get clarity on who will use your product, starting with a Lean Canvas.
  • User Research. Finding out if your product addresses the needs and wants of your target audience. Up to 3 user personas.
  • Technical Research. See if there are any technical obstacles to making your idea happen. We'll provide a reference technical architecture.
  • Prototype. An app prototype you can load on your phone and show people as if it were the real thing.
  • Wrap up: A 1-hour call to share findings and answer your questions.

Presentation Package

For people that want to show their idea at it's best. It's great for getting board-level buy-in, or for demonstrating an idea to investors or partners.

In 1 week, you will get:

  • Polished presentation deck. Beautiful, professional artwork showing 2-3 key screens of your app.

Note: If more screens are needed you can repeat order this package.


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  • What apps have you done for others?
  • How do you reduce the risks?
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