Business model canvas workshop

Safely develop your mobile ideas

Creating a mobile app is an exciting journey.

It's because you can explore new ways to solve a problem and build something truly useful. We help our clients along their journey to success, but at the same time we also understand there are risks that startups face. So we've shaped our offering to help you recognise the risks and circumnavigate them.

Business Model Canvas

For a yet-to-be-disclosed startup client

Exploring Opportunities

You can work with our strategy and design team to turn what's in your head into some ideas we can all see. We create a business model canvas to see the wider opportunity, and then work with you to understand your customer's pain points to we can create an app that addresses them. 

Reducing Risks

Building apps has many risks. Will anyone buy it? Is there a big enough market? What if the costs overrun? Pocketworks help clients address these risks so they minimise their initial investment and learn as much as possible up front.

Prototypes And Beyond

One of the best ways to explore an ideas is to create low cost prototypes of what your app will look like. Once this is tested on your audience, we can grow this into a fully fledged solution. Because Pocketworks is an end-to-end software solutions provider, we can develop complete solutions involving mobile app, web sites and data.

What does it cost to launch a mobile app?

If you're looking for funding to help you grow your startup, you are most likely to get this if you have demonstrated you can build an idea and show customer growth. From an app development perspective, the costs of this are typically £30K-£60K. You may need to multiply that cost by three to cover both development and marketing. A breakdown of app development costs is shown below.

Prototype Your Ideas


Example price for prototyping your idea, evaluating competitors, testing it and gathering feedback, then repeating until we have a solid concept. Typical time 2-6 weeks.

Launch Proof of Concept


Taking the prototyping and building it into a full proof of concept that people can download as part of a live trial. Example price covers creating more polished UI.  iOS, website and back-end infrastructure. Refinements to the user experience design. 2-3 tweaks to adapt to real feedback.  Typical time 2-4 months.

Scale to a Full Product


Building upon the proof of concept, adding Android and preparing for a larger-scale launch to thousands or millions of people. Example price includes support, maintenance, ongoing improvement to the product, additional user experience activities.  Typical timeline would be over 12 months.

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