Turn your app into a new revenue stream

Our partnership offer proposes that we turn that collaboration into a sellable product, managed by us, that generates you ongoing revenue for years to come.

How it works

Build your app

We'll work with you to develop an app that tackles your current business problem. For example, speeding up how people work or driving customer retention. By the end of this phase, you will be improving your own business and getting great results.

Assess Opportunity

With your app in place and working well, we can discuss opportunities to sell your solution to other non-competing businesses. This means creating a business plan covering the market, channels, competitors, costs and revenue streams.

Sell to Others

If the opportunity is there and you want to partner up, we'll turn your solution into a software business that brings a new revenue stream to your business. We"ll run that business for you, or with your help, and we'll all benefit from the revenue.

Create A Business

One the product is working for other businesses, attracting sales, and has necessary support structures in place, we'll incorporate a new business for your product and grow that business, handling the hiring, operations, finances sales and support.

The opportunity

It's possible that your app could help hundreds or thousands of other businesses. To make this possible, we can work with you to productise your solution, take it to market and generate sales.

This means you'll get ROI from two places. Firstly, simply having the solution for your own needs should be generating revenue or reducing operating costs. Secondly, by turning your successful solution into a product other companies can buy, you'll see an ongoing revenue from sales of that product.

Is it for me?

  • There are other businesses like yours who would benefit from the solution we create for your business.
  • They aren't competing because they operate in other territories or verticals.
  • You're happy to act as the "showroom" for the product, talking to customers and demonstrating the results it is bringing you.
  • You don't have the time or inclination to run a software business, but do want to generate revenue from selling your product.
  • You are happy to provide industry insight and join Pocketworks in quarterly steering meetings.  


Speak to us about developing your app. We'll explore the possibility of turning your app into a resellable software product during initial discussions.