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Join a skilled team of product, design and development professionals who spend their days helping companies invent new ways of doing things.

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Product Owner


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Android Developer – skill up in UX, analytics or backend

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Full Stack Web Developer

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Strategy Builders, Design Thinkers, Software Engineers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners

You'll be joining a bright, positive and passionate people who care deeply about helping businesses invent new ways of doing things using mobile apps, API's and web technologies.


Never work on your birthday again. Everyone gets 22 days holidays, plus 1 day per year onboard, up to 26 days.

Flexible Hours

9-5 doesn't fit how most people want to work. We offer flexibility around start and end time, and regular home-working. Many of us have kids, so we're sympathetic to the demands they bring!

Everybody Counts

We're a small and growing team, so you'll influence how we work and the future of the business. We encourage openness and honesty, there's very little hierarchy here.


You'll be joining a social bunch who regularly take advantage of the local bars and restaurants. Enjoy free healthy breakfasts and a Friday desk-beer. 


Working here, you'll be learning and practising design-thinking when creating digital products for our customers. We conduct user interviews, run workshops, create prototypes and test them on real people. We aim to balance great user experiences with beautiful user interfaces.


Workshops, Lean Canvases, User Interviews, Brainstorming, Stakeholder Interviews, Service Blueprints, User Journey Maps, InVision, Figma and more.


You'll be building products designed to last. To avoid technical debt we encourage TDD, refactoring and pair programming. Our engineers respect the basic principles of software engineering, understanding cohesion, coupling, SOLID and clean architecture.


Swift, RxSwift, Objective-C, Java, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Flutter, Elixir/Erlang, Phoenix, Postgres, Ruby on Rails, React, Docker, Jenkins, Heroku, AWS, RaPi, TDD, Refactoring, Pair Programming, Clean Architecture

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