Partnering with smart hardware manufacturers to create intelligent and usable IoT experiences


Smart home

Mobile apps give consumers an accessible way to monitor, control and configure their smart home devices.

We believe that first impressions count. A mobile app is often the first thing your customers will experience when using your products, so it's important to get it right. Even the most complex devices require a user experience that is easy to understand which looks professional.

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Industrial IoT

Manufacturers are using mobile apps to empower staff in the field and to improve customer service.

Industrial IoT ventures can use mobile apps for a wide range of use cases. They can simplify product installation, allow managers to be alerted to problems or track the progress of work on the factory floor.

Design Concepts

Creating app design concepts to explore the possibilities, and to test maturing hardware prototypes.

Mobile Specialists

Building robust and reliable mobile apps for consumer applications or industrial use cases.

Cloud & Data

Assisting with secure data collection, data storage and visualisation for IoT products.


Planning the delivery of complex software systems from the device to the cloud.

Mobile for connected devices

We help manufacturers differentiate their smart hardware products with mobile.



Creating software to work with your maturing hardware prototypes.


App prototypes to explore ideas and see how software and hardware can work together.


Building apps and gateways that communicate to devices using BlueTooth, ULE and WiFi. 

Beyond mobile

Secure data dashboards and web portals to API's and scalable data storage solutions.

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