Smart software for your smart hardware.

We you're guide to creating seamless software experiences that engage customers and drive product growth.

We understand the challenges you face when taking your "smart device" solution to market. We have helped dozens of manufacturers shape their app ideas to create engaging products with growing customer-bases and increased market share.



What we do

We give you all the expertise you need to build attractive, secure and scalable digital products to augment your smart hardware. 

Mobile Applications

Bluetooth, WiFi & RFID

Web Dashboards

Barcode Scanning 

Data Visualisation

Biometric Security

User Research

Concept Prototypes

API's & Data Storage

Consumer Expertise


If you create smart devices, we can help using proven methods in design-thinking to create mobile apps and web portals that drive engagement and loyalty.



Industrial Expertise


If you're looking to launch a Connected Industry product, we can support you in deploying a solution that is scalable and secure, whilst being easy to use in an industrial setting.


Our services support you in designing & launching your next-generation customer experience

When working with Pocketworks, you have access to a team of digital experts able to design, develop and support your mission-critical IoT or Smart Product solution.

Satisfy customers

Employ proven methods of human centred design to ensure you create an experience your audience will love.

Reach people wherever they are

Benefit from a team of web and mobile specialists who've helped manufacturer reach audiences on iOS, Android, tablets, desktop and web.

From prototype to launch

Work with a team who have experience working with developing for hardware prototypes, collaborating with you right through to live launch and beyond. We offer 24/7/365 support for mission-critical software.

Giving customers a simple product experience

We understand you need to give customers a smooth first impression with your product. We've helped manufacturers give their customers simple ways to setup their smart devices out of the box, using technologies such as QR codes, Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-Wave, ZigBee and ULE.


Send us your hardware

We can work directly with your hardware, storing it safely in our offices based in Leeds, UK.

Prototype ideas

We create app prototypes to explore ideas and see how software and hardware can work together.

Connect apps to your devices

We create apps and gateways that can communicate with your devices using BlueTooth, ULE and WiFi.

Integrate with external systems

Our development team is not only experienced at building IoT cloud solutions, we can also design integrated solutions that lean on services such as IBM Watson or AutoDesk Fusion Connect.

Build data dashboards

We can create secure data dashboards that store and analyse your IoT data, providing customers and staff with reports and control.

Develop API's

API's are essential for modern MASA software architectures. They allow companies to build an ecosystem around the data they collect, which fosters growth and creates new revenue streams.

We take you through process that leads to a great software experience for your connected products

We combine design thinking and agile delivery to help you build apps that tackle smart product launch challenges.


Creating app design concepts to explore the possibilities, and to test maturing hardware prototypes.

Mobile Apps

Building robust and reliable mobile apps for consumer applications or industrial use cases.

Cloud & Data

Assisting with secure data collection, data storage and visualisation for IoT products.

Systems Architecture

Planning the delivery of complex software systems from the device to the cloud.

Like to know more?

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