Smart apps for smart devices

We help device manufacturers create mobile apps to assist prototyping, launch new products and grow customer bases.


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Importance of customer experience
Development process
Apps, data portals and integrations
How we helped Energenie grow to 5,000 households

Helping you achieve a simple customer experience

If your product is easy-to-use, people will use it more. We understand the challenges you face making your tech product accessible to all. Using proven methods, we have helped dozens of manufacturers develop apps that compliment their smart devices leading to increased consumer adoption.



Supporting Energenie's growth from zero to five thousand UK homes.


Other Projects

  • Helping A-Safe create a safer warehouse using IoT, Gateways, big data and mobile apps.
  • Helping BGB Sils launch a non-invasive retrofit yacht lighting control solution using cloud and IoT.


  • Helping Chameleon Technology invent a new way for mobile consumers to understand their energy. 
  • Helping CCL Label combine NFC, wireless labels and mobile apps to improve clinical trials.


  • Helping RotaCaddy create a simple consumer experience for their Bluetooth connected sports bag.

From prototype to the app store

We use a proven and repeatable process to guide you through turning ideas into a complete software solution.

Build your product roadmap to organise your ideas, identify risks and get all your stakeholders on the same page

  1. Create a product roadmap

    We start by discussing your app ideas in order to create a product roadmap that ties into your device prototyping and manufacturing schedule.

  2. Design your app blueprint

    Design an app that will resonate with your target users. We conduct user research, visual design and app prototyping to get great results, fast.

  3. Launch your app

    Develop and launch a fully working version of your app to the Google and Apple stores, along with any web portals, databases, and integrations.

Like to know more?

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss advancing for your IoT project with robust & secure user-friendly software.

Our services for manufacturers

From advising on the strategyto designing and delivering prototypes, apps, and websites.

Mobile App Development

Bluetooth, WiFi & RFID

Web Portal Development

Barcode Scanning 

Data Visualisations

Biometric Security

Conducing User Research

Human Centred Design

API & Database Development