Mobile apps for IoT

We create mobile apps that bring out the best in your intelligent IoT hardware.


We believe that mobile apps should make it easier for people to interact with smart devices.

They should give users a simple experience that hides the complexities inherent with device pairing, spotty connectivity and low bandwidth data transfers. 



Industrial IoT

Mobile apps and API's to simplify hardware installation, control devices and capture data.

We help you to launch usable, simple solutions that harness the power of people, data and hardware in the workplace.


A complete software development service

When working with Pocketworks, you have access to a skilled team able to design, develop and support your mission-critical IoT solution.

Design Thinking

We employ design-thinking to help you find the right starting point, generate new ideas and prototype them.

Mobile and Cloud Software

Working across iOS, Android, tablets, desktop, web and cloud.

Support and Evolution

We can undertake projects that last months or years, providing 24/7/365 support once you're product is live.

Apps for intelligent hardware

We create apps that communicate via Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee and ULE. We have experience building intelligent mobile apps connected to smart hardware devices.


Send us your hardware

We can work directly with your hardware, storing it safely in our offices based in Leeds, UK.

Prototype ideas

We create app prototypes to explore ideas and see how software and hardware can work together.

Connect apps to your devices

We create apps and gateways that can communicate with your devices using BlueTooth, ULE and WiFi.

Integrate with external systems

Our development team is not only experienced at building IoT cloud solutions, we can also design integrated solutions that lean on services such as IBM Watson or AutoDesk Fusion Connect.

Build data dashboards

We can create secure data dashboards that store and analyse your IoT data, providing customers and staff with reports and control.

Develop API's

API's are essential for modern MASA software architectures. They allow companies to build an ecosystem around the data they collect, which fosters growth and creates new revenue streams.

Our approach

We combine design thinking and agile delivery to help you build apps that tackle your business challenges.


Creating app design concepts to explore the possibilities, and to test maturing hardware prototypes.

Mobile Apps

Building robust and reliable mobile apps for consumer applications or industrial use cases.

Cloud & Data

Assisting with secure data collection, data storage and visualisation for IoT products.

Systems Architecture

Planning the delivery of complex software systems from the device to the cloud.

Like to know more?

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