Smart software for smart hardware.

We help businesses launch seamless mobile and cloud experiences to complement their industrial or consumer facing IoT devices.

Apps for smart homes

We help manufacturers launch mobile apps and web portals to power their smart home hardware. Our customers believe apps are essential to providing effortless control and management of their connected devices. Our services include planning, design, development and support.

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Apps for industrial IoT

Tablets and smartphones are becoming the gateway between staff and industrial IoT solutions. We believe that manufacturers must create usable, simple mobile solutions designed around busy people.

We help our customers use apps to simplify product installation or to capture data for use in sophisticated cloud services such as IBM Watson or Fusion Connect.

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How we help

We educate our clients about what is possible with mobile and cloud to help them put the computing power in the right places. We help them explore ideas with prototypes, and then architect robust solutions that can be taken to market.


Creating app design concepts to explore the possibilities, and to test maturing hardware prototypes.

Mobile Apps

Building robust and reliable mobile apps for consumer applications or industrial use cases.

Cloud & Data

Assisting with secure data collection, data storage and visualisation for IoT products.

Systems Architecture

Planning the delivery of complex software systems from the device to the cloud.

Benefit from our experience working with connected devices

Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee and ULE. We have experience building intelligent mobile apps connected to smart hardware devices.


Your Hardware

Creating software to work with your maturing hardware prototypes.

Software Prototypes

App prototypes to explore ideas and see how software and hardware can work together.


Building apps and gateways that communicate to devices using BlueTooth, ULE and WiFi.

Secure Data

Secure data dashboards and web portals to API's and scalable data storage solutions.

3rd Party Integrations

Our development team is not only experienced at building IoT cloud solutions, we can also design integrated solutions that lean on services such as IBM Watson or AutoDesk Fusion Connect.


API's are essential for modern MASA software architectures. They allow companies to build an ecosystem around the data they collect, which fosters growth and creates new revenue streams.

Some examples of who we're working with:

  • A global barrier manufacturer looking to revolutionise warehouse safety with industrial IoT
  • A sports equipment startup who is improving in-game decision making
  • A in-home display manufacturer inventing new ways for consumers to learn about energy
  • An established electronics manufacturer entering the smart home market for the first time
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