Enabling customers to book taxis in seconds

Veezu is a taxi operator having over 4,000 drivers covering 5 UK cities.

The Veezu team saw an opportunity to offer better customer service by allowing students to order using their mobile phones. The core focus of our work was to enable customers to book within 5 seconds, much faster than a phone call.

The simplest possible user experience

The Veezu mobile app booking experience has been simplified extensively to accommodate challenging usage scenarios, including late night bookings from students in bars.

Convenience features allow for a smoother booking experience. Customers can pay by credit card. Booking locations are automatically added to favourites so they can be easily recalled. And the nearest pickup points are always shown first.

5 UK cities
10,000 daily users
365 days a year

Over 10,000 people use the app every day across 5 cities in the UK. Pocketworks provide 24/7/365 support for mobile and back-end systems, keeping the apps and back-end systems up and running.

Pulling together existing IT systems

Many capabilities of the app are made possible by the back-end web systems it is integrated with.

It is connected to dispatch systems including AutoCab and iCabbi. It is integrated with a PCI compliant mobile payments gateway, with inbuilt fraud detection. There are custom API's to handle security, messaging and status updates. Advanced user behaviour tracking allows for continuous improvement of features.

Mobile Payments

A custom integration into a mobile payment gateway allows for secure saving of credit card details, with additional anti-fraud measures.

Push Notifications

Customers are kept up to date with push notifications. Pocketworks provide a bespoke push server sending in excess of 2 million messages a month.

White Label

The app is deployed and managed in 5 cities in the UK.

The importance of the relationship

Since 2012, Veezu's mobile app has taken over 30 million bookings. It is considered the most successful in the UK. Much of this success is attributed to positive working relationships. Our two teams have mutually welcomed candid conversations, ideation and ample face time.

In the Press

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