Scaling taxi bookings from zero to 9 million a year


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“The app is has been a key part of our growth strategy, helping us grow to over 30 million taxi bookings a year, transacting over £80m in revenue."

Dean Turner, CIO, Veezu

Key Achievements

  • Consumer mobile apps across Android and iOS
  • Over £80m in annual revenue generated through app bookings
  • Over 170,000 Monthly Active Users across 7 cities
  • Peaks of 81% automated bookings with no human intervention
  • App customers achieved highest lifetime value
  • Delivery of loyalty and retention campaigns
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure tightly integrated to core systems
  • Support Progressive Web Apps for drivers
  • TV apps for operations centre
  • 365 day support, including Christmas and New Year
  • Zero downtime since 2013


Veezu is a taxi operator having over 4,000 drivers covering 5 UK cities.

The Veezu team saw an opportunity to offer better customer service by allowing students to order using their mobile phones. The core focus of our work was to enable customers to book within 5 seconds, much faster than a phone call.

Since 2012, Pocketworks has developed and evolved apps and the supporting cloud infrastructure to help consumers book taxis through their phones.

The app gives consumers instant booking, payment and journey tracking.

“Our app customers have the highest lifetime value across all channels."

Dean Turner, CIO, Veezu

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