We created progressive web apps enabling 5,000 taxi drivers to manage their work and pay


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Veezu operate the 2nd largest taxi fleet in the UK. They an up-and-coming business in the Wales Top 10 growth category. They have received over £50m in investment to grow their technology and fleet acquisitions.

The Driver Portal enables Veezu to increase tax efficiency and reduce operating costs by moving all driver communications and management to Ireland using a single set of tools.

We worked closely with Veezu's innovative management team to deliver the core technology pieces of the Driver Portal. These include a mobile app for the drivers and a desktop portal for the taxi operations team.

Driver Portal

Veezu can grow their driver base faster by having taxi drivers enroll automatically. This replaces their time consuming manual process. When new fleets are acquired, Veezu can onboard drivers faster.

Drivers and operations staff can communicate using a messaging platform. This is integrated into a new ticketing system that Veezu have adopted to streamline operations.

Taxi drivers can check their earnings and draw funds whenever they like, reducing the burdon on the operations team and making life more convenient for the driver. The driver portal is one of two strategic technology initiatives that will allow Veezu to scale. It is a framework to deliver new products and revenue streams, such as driver insurance.

Driver App

Behind the scenes

We ran a focus group to help Veezu understand what concerns and attitudes the drivers had toward using difgital tools.

We conduced user interviews with 15 drivers to learn their pain points and problems, so we could help address them to gain buy-in and acceptance.

We chose to deliver this as a Progressive Web App, because it was occassional use and needed to work on a lot of devices, and be delivered in a short timeframe.

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