Fresenius iPad Sales App

Fresenius saw an opportunity to use iPads to reduce the cost of sale, reduce print and distribution costs, and speed up the brochure update cycle for their line or pharmaceuticals and kidney dialysis machines.

Fresenius approached Pocketworks to help develop the mobile app, web portal and CRM integrations to make the idea come to life.

Over 41,000 sales calls logged

The solution gives sales reps a faster way of recording sales meeting into the enterprise CRM.


84,100 brochure page views on iPad

Fresenius track which publications are being viewed, and which parts of those publications are valuable.


Used by 194 sales and marketing staff

Since 2012, the system has been used by a UK and global sales team.

Week 1
Goals Workshop

Meeting with UK Managing Director and Marketing Director to clarify goals, KPI's and product vision.

Weeks 2-3
Concept Design

User research & workshops with Product Managers and Marketing Director to explore ideas, visualise them, and get feedback from the people who would use the app.

Weeks 3-4
IT & Security Audit

Working with IT to understand application deployment landscape & security standards. Working with 3rd party CRM provider to agree app integrations.

Weeks 5-10
Development & Review

Working in 2 week sprints, developing features and reviewing with the project team.  Continuous quality testing throughout.

Weeks 12

Minimal Viable Product (MVP) launched at Fresenius national sales conference. Demo shown to 200 members of staff. Training was conducted on the event and the app was rolled out to the first sales division.

Current Day
Continuous Improvement

The app has been extended with more features, including CRM integration. It was rolled out globally in 2015. The app is still in use today and continuing to give ROI, support by Pocketworks.

Always available and up to date

When supplying the NHS trusts, companies such as Fresenius are under strict legal compliance to provide accurate information about how their products perform in a medical environment. Printed brochures can get out of date quickly, and re-prints are a necessary cost when working with paper.

To help facilitate legal compliance, it was important to design the iPad app in such a way to make updating and distributing information a low-friction activity. The first step was too look at how their marketing brochure product processes worked, and ensure the solution didn't require a change in well established processes involving teams in marketing, legal and sales.

The result is that the marketing team are able to update materials themselves in minutes.

By digitally transforming the distribution process, marketing could ensure that their field sales team had access to the latest information at all times. Reps receive the latest materials automatically, which reduced communication time.