Asda's first mobile app

Between 2007 and 2008, iPhone sales had grown almost 400% from 3.7M to 13.7M. We asked Asda if they would be interested in exploring how mobile might help improve their customer shopping experience.

Asda invited us to help them explore ideas and eventually launch their first mobile app. 

Asda Price Guarantee App

A simple way to save money

The Asda Price Guarantee app allows customers to enter their shopping receipt details and then receive a money-back voucher if they could have shopped for less elsewhere.

Prior to this, we talked to many teams in the business, and many ideas were explored.

The Price Guarantee app was the winner because it perceived as useful to customers and could be implemented without creating too much burden on internal teams.


Native mobile design and engineering

In the early days, Apple encouraged app developers to use skeuomorphism in their design. This meant that designs mimicked real life objects. In the case of this app, the receipt was shown on a receipt roll and animated as the user entered data.  

Behind the scenes, the app would fetch data from a 3rd party web site. This data outlined customer discounts based on their receipt number.