Increasing customer loyalty with ASDA's first app


Our mobile strategy is moving at pace with more new developments planned into the New Year. -- Doug Gurr

Pocketworks collaborated with ASDA to devleop their first-ever mobile app that ushered in a new era of customer empowerment and innovation.

Key Achievements

  • Created ASDA's first iPhone app
  • It was instantly well received by customers
  • Over 1,800 downloads a day
  • The learning exercise was considered a success

A Pioneering Vision

Back in 2008, the mobile landscape was witnessing a transformative shift. With iPhone sales soaring, the potential for mobile apps was becoming increasingly evident. ASDA, ever perceptive, sought to harness this potential but was faced with logistical challenges, such as an extensive IT backlog.

Identifying opportunities

It was clear that ASDA needed a solution that was both cutting-edge and feasible within a tight schedule. Together we rolled up our sleeves to explore various avenues. What emerged was the ASDA Price Guarantee app.

This app was not just about saving money; it was about bringing ASDA’s commitment to customer value into the digital age. Customers could enter the details from their shopping receipts, and if they could have shopped for less elsewhere, they were rewarded with a money-back voucher.

A focus on the User Experience

The real challenge was delivering this experience in a way that was engaging. We were inspired by ASDA's dedication to their customers, and wanted to ensure the app mirrored this. We decided to employ web scraping to collect data, which smartly circumvented the need for intensive IT resources.

Moreover, by using an on-screen animation of a receipt roll, we made the entry of receipt details intuitive and interactive. This design approach, known as skeuomorphism, resonated with users.

Success, impact and learning

ASDA didn’t just launch an app; they launched a commitment. By marketing it on television and online, they reached a wide audience. The app was an instant hit, with over 1,000 downloads a day. But what was truly remarkable was the sustained engagement of customers.

This project, at its heart, was also about learning and adapting. ASDA embraced this as an opportunity to explore, learn, and set the stage for ongoing innovation. It’s this spirit that we at Pocketworks were privileged to be part of.

The journey continues

ASDA’s journey into the world of mobile apps was a testament to their commitment to innovation and customer empowerment. They are the heroes of this story. Their vision and dedication to value paved the way for a richer, more engaging shopping experience.

As their technology partners, we at Pocketworks are proud to have played a role in this groundbreaking project. We continue to be inspired by ASDA’s ethos and are excited about the countless possibilities that lie ahead.

"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat." - Steve Jobs.

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