Full-Stack Web Developer

Job description

We’re looking for someone who strives to build well-engineered web solutions using modern tools and frameworks.

We need someone who is a champion of good practice, who “gets” the fundamentals of software engineering. Someone who wants to exercise their skills on new projects and genuinely deliver great products to high standards.

You’ll be working within a team of native mobile developers and full-stack web developers.

Your Role at Pocketworks

  • As a dedicated Web Developer, you’ll be architecting and developing complex web solutions and APIs
  • You’ll be working on mostly new projects, but also expected to help out on some legacy projects.
  • We work primarily with Phoenix and Vue (if we’re building an SPA), some of our legacy projects use RoR and React.
    No previous knowledge of Phoenix or Vue is required, however we expect you to learn these technologies with the help from our team.
  • We accept that we’re not perfect, so you’ll be expected to help us raise the bar when it comes to engineering practices. This means supporting the team in embracing CI, TDD, BDD and clean coding
  • You’ll be giving and receiving regular code reviews for all code you write.
  • We’re a team of 13, so you’ll have great influence in how we work and how things are done, with a direct line to the Managing Director who has a software engineering background
  • We offer support to our clients, would be great if you can help the team with this. We can discuss in the interview.
  • We’re doing Scrum, so you estimate your own work and dictate what is achievable in each sprint
  • We take a lean startup approach to our projects, so you’ll sometimes be expected to build prototypes of ideas at speed whilst adhering to good practices.

Skills we need

  • Good knowledge of HTML/CSS + modern Javascript
  • Any MVC framework (Laravel/Rails/NodeJS frameworks/*) experience, Phoenix is our preferred choice
  • Any frontend Javascript framework (Angular/React/Vue) experience, Vue is our preferred choice
  • Good knowledge of SQL, including complex queries, we use Postgres for our projects
  • Experience with TDD or BDD, and a test first approach
  • Experience with managing VPS instances
  • Knowledge of HTTP standards, API best practices, REST, web security and authentication, basics of building scalable solutions
  • Understanding of software engineering basics such as coupling, cohesion, design patterns and data structures
  • An appreciation of UX and UI, it’s very important to the products we build
  • Comfortable joining developer meetings, daily stand-ups and regular planning meetings
  • Our relaxed environment requires self-motivation and a desire to deliver continuously. Because you estimate your own work, it’s a bonus if you are confident at guesstimating work and keeping the team up to date on where you’re at

Bonus Skills

  • Interest in mobile web is a bonus, many of our solutions are responsive or mobile-first
  • NoSQL technologies
  • Experience with AWS/Google Cloud/Heroku
  • PWA experience
  • Docker/Ansible/Chef
  • Typescript
  • Message brokers
  • Microservices
  • Understanding scaling web apps (Microservices)

Sound like a good fit?

Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our team.

Email careers@pocketworks.co.uk