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Anna Scandella

UX Designer, Data and PO

Hey! I’m Anna, and I work as a UX/Service Designer and Product Owner at Pocketworks.

Having been a Pocketeer for nearly 5 years, I have contributed a lot to the company growing and developing into what we are today.

I’m passionate about research and gathering data and insights and making sense of complex services so that the team as a whole can understand them, allowing for a clear focus on the solution we go on to develop. I love talking to people and discovering new ways of looking at problems - or at life in general really.

When I am not working, you will find me walking my dog, listening to music, reading and cooking. I am Italian but live in the beautiful town Otley near Leeds, and I spend my year working between the two places, and other work staycations across Europe.

Anna | Pocketworks