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Honest discussions. Challenging opinions. Keeping it simple.

A real working relationship with a focus on getting stuff done

You'll get better results if everyone can say what they really think. We need to avoid tip-toeing around each other. It's about being pragmatic, sharing ideas often, and not expecting perfection on day one.

That's why we invite all our clients to work with us in our offices and create an environment where it's acceptable to share unfinished ideas to stimulate thought and discussion.

Momentum and learning over big up-front planning

When launching a digital product, we believe in working quickly and creating small increments of a solution. Then learning from frequent feedback. This reduces budget risk, gets you to market faster and creates a positive feedback loop to accelerate learning.

Projects must be sustainable, so we work with clients to plan projects in such a way to gain and then keep momentum.

Using conflict to stimulate new ideas and better thinking

Don't worry, we won't bite. But we make a point of questioning your thinking and encouraging new ideas. After all, you're hiring us to help you get where you need to be, not to just do what you say.

The best way we can help you is to bring new knowledge to the table, learned through a long history of designing software applications to tackle business challenges.

A desire to create products that are simple and actually get results

Every digital product exists to solve problems for real people. People like simple. Getting a mobile app "right" requires us to gain empathy for your staff or customers and a thorough understanding of your business.

That's why we take time to talk, research and explore. It means we can walk in the shoes of the people on all sides of the solution in order to create something that really works.


Here's what to expect when working with Pocketworks

A complete product team

The modern software solution reaches people wherever they are. At their desks, on their mobile phones, or even when glancing at their smart-watch or connected device in the home. When you work with Pocketworks, you're working with a team that knows how to advise, design and deliver for these essential technologies.

Going beyond beauty

People engage with software that is elegant and easy to understand. But to be successful, you also need to produce software that engages people and lets them achieve their personal goals at any given time. Since the 1950's, design-thinking has slowly changed how software is built. We follow these practices of learning, ideating, prototyping and testing until it "just works".

You're always in the loop

You'll always know where things are at. We believe that you can only manage what you can see, and trust is gained by regularly showing tangible progress. We're using agile methods behind hte scenes, which has positive effects on those doing the work and the businesses needing results. That's why you'll receive clear status reports and working software every two weeks.


Software experts sharing their experience to create success for our clients

Tobin Harris


Having 20 years experience in software product development, Tobin been a consultant at Wells Fargo Bank, British Telecom and the NHS. He’s the creator of yUML.me, a software product used by Intel, eBay, Microsoft and Bose Labs. Tobin authored a book about a popular Microsoft .NET technology.


Ian Howatt


Ian, a highly experienced Chief Executive, is a Vistage Chairman in Yorkshire. Most of his career has been in the IT sector where he held board positions in the UK, USA and Europe. As a CEO, he has run companies with turnovers ranging in size from £1m to £40m.

Ian Howatt
Alex Christianson
Product Owner
Ramesh Velusamy
Full Stack Developer
Jenny Turner
Jenny Turner
Sales & Finance
Anna Scandella
Digital Product Designer
Lee Sommerville
Production Manager
Radek Stasiak
Dan Taylor
Quality Assurance
Matej Képeš
Web & Android Developer
Tom Selby
Mobile Strategy & Sales