Why Pocketworks

We help you lighten the load for your customers and staff. The goal is to drive efficiency, loyalty and engagement.

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We can help you

  • Make sense of the minefield of options
  • Understand trends and "what works"
  • Deliver mobile solutions customers love
  • Implement APIs, web and data tech
  • Measure and improve based on data

"Ultimately, my goal is to create things that are useful, which make us proud and benefit thousands or millions of people every day. That's the real significance of our company."

Tobin Harris, Founder

Our story

Our company was founded by Tobin Harris in 2012 when he noticed that most business apps were failing to reach their true potential. As a mobile expert and advocate, Tobin wanted to give companies a better chance at success.

Since starting the company 7 years ago, our first three apps are still in use today, one transacting over £30m a year, and all are still under active development at Pocketworks. This is what success looks like to us - helping our clients make good choices, invest wisely and ultimately make their customers and staff more productive in some way or another.


Tobin Harris


Having 20 years experience in software product development, Tobin been a consultant at Wells Fargo Bank, British Telecom and the NHS. He’s the creator of yUML.me, a software product used by Intel, eBay, Microsoft and Bose Labs. Tobin authored a book about a popular Microsoft .NET technology.


Ian Howatt


Ian, a highly experienced Chief Executive, is a Vistage Chairman in Yorkshire. Most of his career has been in the IT sector where he held board positions in the UK, USA and Europe. As a CEO, he has run companies with turnovers ranging in size from £1m to £40m.

Ian Howatt
Alex Christianson
Product Owner
Alex Logan
Alex Logan
iOS Developer
Tom Selby
Mobile Strategy & Sales
Anna Scandella
Digital Product Designer
Jenny Turner
Jenny Turner
Sales & Finance
Ramesh Velusamy
Full Stack Developer
Lee Sommerville
Production Manager
Radek Stasiak
Dan Taylor
Quality Assurance
Matej Képeš
Web & Android Developer
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