Progressive Web Apps


Progressive Web Apps are websites that share the high-standard set by some native mobile apps. They are fast loading, may work offline and typically offer a very slick app-like user experience.

We often recommend Progressive Web Apps for situations where people need to use an app infrequently. For example, when making an insurance claim, viewing their loyalty account. We also recommend them in situations where the phones camera, storage and biometric capabilities may not be needed, such as self-service apps for staff.

Because there is no need to download a PWA from an app store, you can expect a higher conversion rate when promoting your PWA.

You can also expect a 30%-50% reduction in development costs and timescales when compared to native app development.

Many companies are experimenting with this technology, including Uber and Starbucks.

Our opinion

Trial  Definitely worth trying on a project that can handle the risk.