How we work.

We'll guide you through a process that is designed to specifically to create apps that enable SMEs to get results.

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1. Mobile Strategy

You'll get better results when your app team understand the bigger picture. That's why we start by asking questions around your KPI's, vision and your goals. It means you'll get stronger ideas and more relevant advice.

What makes a mobile strategy?
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2. Discovery

You can only succeed with your app or mobile website by paying attention to the needs and behaviours of your customer. Our process puts them at the centre of the design process so we can build a more relevant, attractive mobile product.

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Hilton Doubletree Taxi Booking Kiosk

3. Mobile and beyond

Your audience probably interacts with your businesses in many places - at their desks, in-store or on the move. This means we can offer you complete solutions using our experience in web, desktop, analytics and data.

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4. Transparency

The best products are made when experts on all sides can exchange ideas freely. That's why we have an open-door policy where you are invited to see us whenever you like. For those that can't meet with us every week, we offer weekly status reports and video "show-and-tell" sessions to give you all the information you need to make decisions.

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360 Scope Web Platform

5. Enterprise apps

If you're building an app to streamline internal processes, we apply the same process to these types of enterprise apps. This means we focus on user experience, software architecture, and quality standards when making products for the modern workforce.

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6. Lean

Lean principles promote doing the simplest thing that works, and then learning from it. By being lean, you can validate your ideas and experiment before investing heavily.

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7. Robust software

Behind the scenes, we're technology enthusiasts. We code with Erlang and Elixir to create robust and scalable systems across IoT and the cloud. We're developing apps on iOS and Android for seamless mobile user experiences. And we're using Ruby on Rails and React.JS for elegant, fast experiences on the web.

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