Credit card payments now accepted in the Amber Cars app


Amber Cars customers using Android phones can now make bookings on their credit card. This brings them added convenience whilst allowing Amber to transact £5M in the first year.

Update: 15th Oct 2019

A convenient move

Card payments are very convenient for customers, they won’t have to worry about having cash on them to pay for the taxi, nor pay waiting fees as they stop at the ATM to get cash out.

Getting started is fast. Customers can enter their card details once, then select to pay by card when booking. Multiple cards can be added, so a customer can choose to pay on their business or personal card.

A simple user experience allows customers to securely add their cards in seconds

A simple user experience allows customers to securely add their cards in seconds

The payment is taken at the end of the journey, and an email receipt is sent to the customer.

As usual, the customer can cancel their booking at any time.

£5m credit card transactions in the first year

The team anticipate this will be a huge hit with customers. It is estimated customers will pay by card in almost 1 million journeys, generating £5M in credit card payments through the app in 12 months.

£20m credit card transactions by 2019

Four years on, and we’re seeing just under 50% of users chose to pay by card. This is generating over £20m mobile app revenue for Veezu.

Securely payments, PCI-DSS compliant

The app uses a PCI-DSS compliant payment solution to take card details. No card details are stored in the app or on our servers, and all details are transmitted securely.

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