Pocketworks is looking for an iOS developer to help us build apps for our clients.

This is an on-site role in our Leeds offices.

What does Pocketworks do?

We help businesses launch apps and digital platforms. Clients hire us to assist with strategy, design and software development. 

When doing development, we aim to create robust, clean code that can be maintained for years. It’s about finding that pragmatic balancing point between best practice and speed. 

What technologies will I use at Pocketworks?

  • Most of our apps are native mobile apps.
  • We use the latest Swift for iOS and Java for Android.
  • Some legacy projects have Objective-C code.
  • Our server-side and mobile-web apps use Reach, Ruby on Rails or Elixir.
  • We use Jenkins for CI.
  • We use Fastlane for builds.

 What kinds of projects will I be working on?

Our mission is to find challenging projects that genuinely help our clients improve their businesses. Some recent examples include:

  • Mobile apps for use in a warehouse environment for configuring racking impact sensors
  • An app to allow yacht owners to control their underwater lighting
  • A smart-home app for controlling appliances
  • A booking app for a UK-wide taxi firm with 74,000 DAU’s.
  • A booking app for a popular hotel chain

What kinds of work will I be doing day to day?

  • Developing apps from scratch
  • Adding features to existing apps
  • Helping the design team in idea sessions and feasibility
  • Peer reviewing the work of other team members
  • Educating others about latest advances in iOS
  • Attending the daily standup (we’re a scrum shop)

What skills might I need to demonstrate during our chats/interviews?

  • Swift language
  • Objective-C language
  • UIKit, CoreData, PassKit, notifications and other frameworks
  • Advanced UI layouts and animations for iPad and iPhone
  • MVC, MVVM and other architectures
  • Refactoring and code structuring
  • Alternative data stores beyond SQLite
  • HTTP and security
  • Network and data caching
  • Bluetooth, NFC and Beacons
  • Consuming API’s
  • BDD and TDD
  • Any web-based MVC framework
  • Distributing apps via TestFlight
  • Publishing apps to the App Store
  • Enterprise app development and distribution

What is the culture like?

It’s positive, relaxed, with a focus on getting good work done. We’re a very sociable and close-knit team of 14 people. We often go out for beers and food together, some days we have desk beers 🙂 We speak candidly to each other, not much bulls**t.

What are the benefits?

  • Never work on your birthday again
  • Generous holidays
  • Great location, about 8 mins walk from Leeds train station near bars and cafes
  • Some flexibility in working hours, e.g. come in before/after rush hour
  • Some flexibility around working patterns

What’s the interview process?

  • 15-30 minute phone call
  • Come along for a technical interview
  • Code challenge
  • Final interview

Cool, what next?

See below.

Sound like a good fit?

Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our team.

Email careers@pocketworks.co.uk